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Foundations for Success

Discover how you can set yourself up to do your best in your postgraduate studies by managing your stress and pressure, taking breaks and maintaining your motivation and academic performance.

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Taking Control to Make This Work for You

Determine how to make this journey work for you by celebrating your wins, taking time off, exploring uncertainties, managing multiple identities, balancing freedom and responsibilities and building your researcher identity.

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Using the Resources Available

Discover how to make the most of the resources available to you by choosing and managing your supervisor, developing your personal and professional support networks and by identifying and utilising existing resources and services.

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Managing Adversity

Learn about managing the ups and downs of postgraduate research and general life by exploring what to do to support yourself when things go wrong and how to work with negative emotions.

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Planning for the World After

Think about what happens after your PGR studies by exploring what matters in your career, the steps you could take in your career, planned happenstance and recognising your skills.

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Snapshot Videos

Tal Ben-Shahar Gives Encouraging Message to PGR Students
Ivana talks about her research journey during her own PGR studies. Discussing that research doesn’t happen in a straight line, and that’s okay.
Chris talks about how he improved his well-being during his PGR studies
Richard reflects on how he kept and maintained his motivation during his PGR studies. As a recently finished PGR student Richard reflects his motivation.

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