Using the Resources Available

Discover how to make the most of the resources available to you by choosing and managing your supervisor, developing your personal and professional support networks and by identifying and utilising existing resources and services.

In this section

Choosing Your Supervisor

Before starting your PGR studies you need to think about choosing your supervisors.

Using Your Existing Support Networks

Consider your existing support networks and complete an exercise to help you explore this further


Using the Expertise of Academic Staff

Consider the experts around you and how you could make contact with them

University Resources

Consider the resources available to support you at your university while you are completing your research degree

The Student Union isn’t Just for Undergraduates

Discover how The Student Union provides opportunities to meet people, find friends and build a social network

Not Everyone Needs to Understand Your PGR Studies

Explore the benefits to your wellbeing when you are not thinking about your PGR studies all of the time

Managing Your Supervisor

Look at the ways in which you can manage the relationship between yourself and your supervisor


Keep Your Family and Friends Educated

Consider the steps you can take to maintain relationships with your family and friends during your PGR studies

Identifying Resources

Explore the different resources available to you as a PGR student.

Finding Out What Support is Available

Learn how to identify the support available to you at university

Finding Friends At University

Explore the benefits of making friends at university and consider how to maximise your resource and develop an action plan

Building Professional Support Networks

Discover how building professional support networks will provide you with a sense of community and security.