Managing Adversity

Learn about managing the ups and downs of postgraduate research and general life by exploring what to do to support yourself when things go wrong and how to work with negative emotions.

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Effective Communication

Having a positive working alliance with your Supervisor/s will be crucial to your studies and your experience as a PGR student. This can be aided by developing a constructive rapport between you. Good rapport relies on attention and commitment to effective communication. The expectations we hold of other people and vice versa are sometimes assumed […]

Addressing Conflict

There may be differences in your insights, interpretations and perceptions to those of your Supervisor/s which can be helpful and encouraged in order to broaden the breadth of your learning experience whilst completing your studies. Sometimes these may conflict strongly with your own ideas and intentions. The causes may be varied. They may relate to […]

Working With Negative Emotions

Consider the common reactions to negative emotions and explore exercises which will help you identify, and respond to, what your emotions are trying to tell you


When Things Go Wrong

Discover how to set yourself up for disappointments and consider how the way you react to them can have a major bearing on your wellbeing


What is the Real Problem?

Explore the ways in which taking time to identify the real problem can help you to gain a more accurate assessment of what has happened and its true impact.

Talking to Your University

Consider why talking to your university can be beneficial when something happens that impacts on your wellbeing or your ability to study and research

Supporting Yourself When Things go Wrong

Discover tips and strategies to help you to support yourself when something goes wrong


Real Life Continues Despite Your PGR

Even for senior researchers, life still happens. Go with it and you will have more energy left to focus on yourself and your work.


Finding Acceptance to Find Solutions

Explore the ways in which you can approach acceptance when something goes wrong